August 20, 2019
By Julie Haddix

Cvent’s New Standard Event Registration promises to allow Cvent users to create beautiful, user-friendly event websites faster than in old Standard Registration.

To help system administrators train their internal teams on using this new interface, Cvent has developed a transition toolkit. The toolkit walks through the communications, training, and project tracking steps to ensure an effective company-wide change management process.

Create a Project Plan

Identify a transition team to support the project and develop an action plan. Team members can include employees as well as third-party partners and should be assigned designated roles. The plan should include a timeline, program milestones, a communication strategy, priority actions, training, and ongoing monitoring.

Develop your Communication Plan

Effective communication is integral to a successful transition. A communication plan lays out messaging, objectives, target audiences and frequency of outreach. The toolkit features template copy for communicating with internal audiences, Cvent users, and other stakeholders. As you move through the transition, it suggests modifications for use at each stage, such as launch, training and training completion.

Prioritize Recreating Event Templates

The toolkit encourages system administrators to prioritize the re-creation of event templates. Define a timeline within the Project Plan for when all templates will be rebuilt. The templates can be prioritized by a number of variables including complexity, feature availability and launch date. Running a pilot program before going live with a template can be helpful to identify any adjustments that are needed.

Leverage Training Resources

Cvent offers public training and Q&A sessions to acclimate users to New Standard Registration (Flex). These resources include learning paths, a resource library, a support community, and customer care. The toolkit offers planners strategies to conduct internal training including trainer preparation, training roadshows and systems administration training. A training plan identifies objective, target audience and resource for an internal training deck, transition team training, user training, and repeat user training.

Maintain Ongoing Monitoring

New features are being added on a monthly basis! It’s important to stay current and monitor feature releases of the new standard event registration technology to keep users apprised of updates. Also oversee user adoption through Q&A sessions, website audits, power user check-ins and a feedback system to respond to user input on the Flex transition and any challenges they may be facing.

For more detailed information on Cvent’s Project Flex Transition Toolkit, please visit here.

Julie Haddix

Julie Haddix

Julie Haddix is the Director, Enterprise Marketing for Cvent, Inc. She has worked for Cvent for 12 years helping to build the company’s Enterprise sales and marketing divisions, including its approach to Strategic Meetings Management. Julie has also been a part of the planning team for Cvent CONNECT, Cvent’s annual user conference, which has grown from 150 to 3,000 people in five years, leading the event marketing and content development efforts.

Outside of work, Julie is learning a new role, Mom, to Christopher, and enjoying the daily challenges that job brings.

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