August 20, 2019
By Cvent
Selling sponsorships at your event is one of the best ways to increase event revenue.  We want to help enable you with the knowledge and resources you need to make the best decisions for your event. If your event is starving for more sponsorship opportunities, check out these delectable resources to satisfy your sponsorship appetite.

Bread Basket – LSU Case Study

Only have a few minutes to learn about event sponsorships? Not a problem, you can still nourish your sponsorship craving. Whether your appetite for sponsorship isn’t there yet or your time is limited, we have the resources for you. A perfect, easily digestible sponsorship piece you should check out is our case study on how Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine was able to increase their event sponsorship revenue by $7.5K with a mobile event app! This means their app more than paid for itself, which is not an uncommon occurrence among our clients. If the upfront cost is deterring you from going mobile, let LSU help convince you to give mobile a chance. We promise you won’t regret it.

Salad – Sponsorship Package Generator

Have a little more time to learn more about sponsorship? Check out our Sponsorship Package Generator! How does it work? Simply add in everything you like and our sponsorship generator provides you with a customized sponsorship package ready for you to use at your next event! It’s a fun way to experiment with different sponsorship options and packages, without any commitment. Decide how to organize your sponsorship offerings, select options, and receive a customized sponsorship package catered to your event. You can even include your own logo and event details to really visualize how your mobile event app would look.

Entrée – Sponsorship eBook

If you’re absolutely starving to learn more about sponsorships, check out our sponsorship ebook. In this ebook, you'll discover all the ways you can (and should!) be monetizing your mobile event app. Although a mobile event app may be a large monetary investment, the sponsorship opportunities it creates are invaluable. In fact, many of our customers find the app actually pays for itself (and more!) due to the increased sponsorship opportunities. Learn more about how banner ads, splash pages, and push notifications can help you increase your sponsorships and bolster your event ROI. With a total of nine unique ways to incorporate sponsorships, this ebook will help turn your mobile event app into a revenue generator in no time. Whether you are only hungry enough for the bread basket or you want to have the full 3 courses, these sponsorship resources are sure to help satisfy your craving for increased sponsorships!


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