September 15, 2021
By Cvent Guest

Cvent offered CONNECT attendees a special treat this year by partnering with SnackMagic, a build-your-own snack box service catering to in-person, virtual, and hybrid events of all sizes. The SnackMagic team supplied attendees with a selection of carefully curated snacks during our 2021 hybrid conference, offering a taste of how their snack boxes can energize an event.

Snack Boxes for All Hybrid Event Attendees

As hybrid events become more popular, it’s important to treat all hybrid attendees to the same experience, whether they’re attending in-person or virtually. SnackMagic offers a variety of snack options designed to meet the needs of all event types, from small corporate meetings to largescale hybrid events, so you can treat anyone, anywhere, to a personalized snack box.

SnackMagic goes beyond offering snacks; it lets attendees choose which goodies they get while still making it simple to factor snacks into your event budget. Whether you’re sending snacks to a small team or thousands of attendees around the world, SnackMagic allows attendees to choose from a menu of options, at a budget you’ve pre-set, and have their snacks delivered on the day of your event.

SnackMagic’s in-person snack offerings include:

For virtual attendees, SnackMagic offers:

  • Build-Their-Own Snack Boxes – attendees can choose their snacks, to be delivered to their remote location
  • Curated Snack Boxes – leave the taste choices to the experts, and send curated snack boxes directly to your virtual attendees

How Does it Work?

You pay. Attendees pick. SnackMagic packs and delivers. It’s that simple. Begin by choosing your budget and setting a total treats limit based on your in-person and virtual attendee counts. When attendees receive their redemption link and submit a snack request, you’re able to approve or deny redemptions as they come in via the Treats Dashboard.

SnackMagic can offer your attendees a wide selection of items, including not only an extensive menu of snacks but a slew of beverages, snack kits, pantry items, and work & play items. Once attendees have chosen their snacks, SnackMagic ensures their treats arrive on schedule to your in-person event venue and to your virtual attendees.

Perks of Personalized Snacking with SnackMagic

With so many options for snacking and catering available, what sets SnackMagic apart? It’s not just the ability to personalize attendees’ snacks – though that’s a definite plus! It’s the unique features SnackMagic offers to make snack planning simple.

  • Hybrid Event Snacking: Help in-person and virtual attendees feel connected by offering the same snacking experience to all attendees. SnackMagic services the entire globe, with local vendors in every country to connect attendees near and far.
  • Open Link Ordering: As the event planner, you submit one order to SnackMagic that includes your budget and a list of attendees’ email addresses, and SnackMagic takes care of the rest, ensuring you stick to your budget and attendees get the snacks they want.
  • Risk-Free Treating: Attendees snack, or your money back! If your attendees don’t redeem their snack box via their email redemption link, all unspent funds are returned to you.
  • Branding Options: Customize snack boxes and goodie bags, include branded notes in each snack box, and provide a branded digital experience so attendees can recognize your brand from the time they receive their redemption email to the time they open their snacks.

Add on Event Swag with SwagMagic

Go beyond snacking, and send your attendees customized, branded swag using SwagMagic. Just like SnackMagic snack boxes, SwagMagic products can be delivered both to your event venue and directly to virtual attendees.

Create custom swag through SwagMagic, or ship your swag to “Swag Lockers” to be shipped out with attendees’ snack boxes. Attendees can build their own swag boxes alongside their snacks or order individual items, or you can create standard swag kits for every attendee.

Ready to get snacking and look swaggy? Visit to learn more.

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