November 14, 2018
By Brittany Estes

It’s the holidays, and at Cvent we know what that means. While we enjoy the festive activities, parties, and delicious treats, it also means added end-of-the-year stress. You might see your jam-packed schedule get a little tighter this time of year. Luckily, Cvent’s tools are filled with time-saving features. Take advantage of expert tips in our free webinar so you can stress less this holiday season.

Better Manage Your Time with Internal Calendars

Client Success Consultant Tina Magee explains how Cvent’s internal calendars allow you to manage your team’s time with maximum efficiency. “You can organize upcoming events in your Cvent account, create public calendars shared across your entire account, or use private calendars for the events you manage,” she explains. You can also color code these calendars in line with your custom fields or even registration status.

To get started, click “Cross Events” and select “Internal Calendar.” Assign the calendar a name and description, and choose the event type that will populate the calendar. Select which events you would like to show, and who will be able to access the calendar. You can even customize how you want the events to display, color code them, and choose the fields that are presented to viewers. Add additional advanced filters as needed.

Want More Time-Saving Tips?

Internal Calendars are only the beginning. Event Templates, custom fields, and automated event emails help create a stress-free event management experience. With Cvent you can spend less time worrying--and more time enjoying--this holiday season.

WEBINAR: Making the Most of Managing Your Events: Time-Saving Tips by Cvent Experts

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