August 20, 2019
By Brittany Estes

Cvent CONNECT 2018 highlighted exciting new evolutions in the Cvent Platform. Check out our free webinar to learn more.

Connect with the Cvent Community

The Cvent Community offers practical tips, tricks, and advice for Cvent users. Client Success Lead Alli Smith recommends the Cvent Community as a key resource for all of her clients. “The Cvent Community is designed to be a hands-on knowledge base,” Smith explains. “You can access product trainings, browse educational content, and easily connect with fellow Cvent customers and experts."

What’s one of her favorite Cvent Community features?  “All of our training resources are available live or interactively recorded on the Community,” Smith adds. These are great ways to onboard yourself to all Cvent products, whether you are a first-time user or Cvent pro. “You can learn how to successfully use Cvent and adopt best practices and tips to help yourself become a power user,” she notes.

What Other Resources are Available to You?

The Cvent Community is just one of the many resources available to Cvent users. Whether you need best practices from your Account Manager or quick solutions from the Customer Care team, Cvent resources are available around the clock. Learn more about all your available resources on our free webinar.

WEBINAR:  How to Leverage Your Cvent Account Team

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