August 20, 2019
By Brittany Estes

Nothing’s better than gaining back time in a day that’s jam-packed with meetings, phone calls, emails, and a million other commitments. Those precious minutes can make a world of difference for our professional and personal lives.

The good news is, you’ve already got time-saving tools at your fingertips! Check out our insider tips to see how Cvent can help you maximize your time to the fullest.

Recapture Abandoned Registrants

Abandoned registrations don’t just mean lost opportunities for your organization; they mean lost time spent tracking and re-engaging potential attendees. Rather than chasing down these abandoned registrants with little or no data, "Cvent lets you track these registrants and send an automated email to them" notes Client Success Consultant Lexi Barber. "You can also view additional information about abandoned registrants, and even register for them," she adds. 

With these features, you can easily view lists of abandoned registrants and the pages on which they abandoned. Sending targeted follow up emails allows you encourage successful registration for your event while saving time.

Looking for More Time-Saving Tips?

Our free webinars are filled with tricks for maximizing your Cvent platform usage. Gain back those valuable minutes, hours, or even days with the technology you already know and love.

WEBINAR: Making the Most of Managing Your Events: Time-Saving Tips by Cvent Experts

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Brittany Estes

After completing graduate school at Vanderbilt University, I spent over a decade writing in the nonprofit, education, and creative fields.

In my free time, I enjoy rummaging through old book shops for a rare find, traveling, and learning photography. 

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