January 25, 2017
By Hannah Burks

Hoteliers have been coming to us for years asking how they can be more competitive. What is the most effective way to use our channel? How can we understand the planner journey? With Cvent’s network of more than 74,000 meeting and event professionals, we are happy to provide insights on what builds planner loyalty, how to stay competitive with the biggest titans in the industry, and how the Cvent platform can accelerate relationships, leads, and group business deals. To solve these common problems, Cvent created the Hotel Success Group (HSG).

The complimentary two-hour educational luncheon is designed to help propel your group business strategy with discussions on new features and best practices, customized data points, and valuable networking opportunities. While onsite, attendees will learn how to leverage Cvent’s data to grow and manage group business demand in both the short and long term.

Use the Hotel Success Group to grow your business

In 2016:

  • We hosted 26 events all over the United States.
  • Had over 400 different organizations attended.
  • 94% of attendees would attend another HSG.
  • 69% of attendees were director-level or above.

“Insightful lunch with great content from Cvent, specific to our geo market, allowing us to understand the industry trends and best practices. Must attend!” Christelle Fourcade, Area Director of Sales - SBE Entertainment, Miami Beach HSG

You’ll leave knowing what trends Cvent is seeing within your city’s group business from days’ patterns, average awarded ADR, booking windows, RFP size, U.S. feeder markets, and much more. Here are our top four reasons to attend:

  • Learn – new features and best practices to elevate yourself among the competition.
  • Inspiration – discover tools and technologies to transform the way you market group business demand.
  • Strategize – uncover high-level market data specific to your city that will transform your group business plan.
  • Network – connect with hospitality industry peers to accelerate your group business success.

UP NEXT: Learn all about Cvent CONNECT and what to expect.

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