November 13, 2018
By Cvent Success Team

Big things are happening on the Client Success team, and we want to brag a little! You may or may not have been introduced to these new roles, so we wanted to take the opportunity and provide some insight. As Cvent continues to grow, we are reorganizing our training and success resources to ensure that customers receive the highest quality support and expertise in the most efficient manner.

Client Success Consultant

This is a role that you may be familiar with already; however, this individual may loop in one of the additional resources below based on your needs. Your Client Success Consultant oversees the adoption and use of the Cvent platform by providing set up consultations, strategic training, best practices, account reviews, and more.

Platform Solutions Consultant

These are our integration specialists that can be looped in by your Account Team to assist with the strategic set up of your out-of-the-box integration with another platform in a way that will meet your business goals. Additionally, if any troubleshooting is required, they can be brought on as the expert. ** If you ever run into urgent needs regarding your integration, you can always reach out to Customer Support, which has a team of Integration Specialists.

Onboarding Specialist

A training expert who may be brought onto your account as a resource during the onboarding process to help implement best practices and new features for your first event. The Onboarding Specialist will cover milestones during the onboarding process so that you can become independent using the software. After your first event, the Onboarding Specialist will transfer you to your Account Team for continued success.

Client Success Team

As we mentioned, our team and Cvent as a whole is constantly growing. Because of this growth, the Client Success Team may continue to adjust the support approach to make sure we are meeting your needs and overall success with Cvent. As always, we are open to any feedback you may have, so please feel free to reach out to your Account Team and let them know what's on your mind! This post was written by Danni Czark, Sr. Client Success Consultant, and Michelle Williams, Sr. Onboarding Specialist, at Cvent. Danni is a James Madison University alum originally from New Jersey, who enjoys spending time with her rescue dog, going to concerts, and any kind of pizza. Michelle is a Cvent expert with a passion for indoor cycling, conservation biology, and traveling.

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