August 20, 2019
By Cvent Success Team

We are getting excited for our upcoming annual conference, Cvent CONNECT. You know that technology is at the forefront of the Meetings & Events Industry.  At Cvent CONNECT, we showcase how we use our own technology during all milestones of the event to track the attendee experience.  Registration numbers are always important, but what about participation rates? What was the most popular session at the event?  Did everyone attend the general session? Did they like the food? These are all questions that can be answered using Cvent's Onsite Solutions platform!

Cvent OnArrival in Kiosk Mode

During check-in at the event, we use Cvent OnArrival in Kiosk Mode for attendees to easily type in names, email addresses, or confirmation numbers.  When you select your name, you will be asked a couple of check-in questions. Then you are able to preview your badge to make sure everything is spelled correctly.  We suggest if you are planning to use onsite badge printing, to use the badge preview option so attendees can check their badge before it is printed. This will help save time and money on reprinting badges. Once you double check your badge, it is printed out on-demand.

Session Scanners and RFID

On Monday at Cvent CONNECT, Cvent hosts its Cvent Academy training workshops that have a limited capacity and are an additional cost. Before each workshop, we use Session Scanners and scan each attendee’s badge (that comes complete with a QR code) to make sure they are signed up for the workshops.  This allows us to keep track of who is attending the sessions as well as manage sessions that are at capacity.  During the rest of the conference, we use RFID (radio frequency identification) and chips within the badges to track which sessions have the most attendance and which times are most popular at the Innovation Pavilion and Tradeshow. Exhibitors can also scan QR codes badges to collect information to follow up after the show if you are interested in learning more about their products or services.

Tech Tours

Cvent offers Tech Tours during the conference so that you can see our Onsite Solutions products in action.  These tours fill up fast so make sure to keep an eye on when the tour times are released here to sign up! We also offer sessions specifically for your onsite needs that you can register for now. Some of these sessions include:

1) Enhancing the Attendee Experience: An Introduction to OnArrival Solutions
2) Solution Session: Avoiding the Wait by Streamlining Your Registration Check-In
3) The Platform Trifecta: Combining Event Registration, OnArrival, & CrowdCompass
4) Enhancing the Attendee Experience: OnArrival 360’s Advanced Solutions
5) An Introduction to OnArrival

If you are interested in any of these sessions or the training workshop, make sure to register here! We cannot wait to see you at Cvent CONNECT this year!


This post was authored by Michelle Williams, Sr. Onboarding Specialist at Cvent. Michelle is a Cvent expert and a George Mason Alum that has a passion for indoor cycling, conservation biology, and traveling.




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