Power of the Events Industry

Power of the Events Industry


In this episode we are joined by Alexis and Emma, co-founders ConnectSeven Group, to hear their perspective on the power of the events industry.

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Alexis and Emma from ConnectSeven Group in Canada talk to us about their involvement with British Columbia’s reopening plan in the events industry. They also come with some valuable insights into what we can do to still be sustainable at events while being sensitive to new requirements. Hear their thoughts related to some of the signs or metrics that we can look out for to track progress and ensure we are moving in the right direction with the reopening. They also shared their perspective on what needs to happen to ensure that the power of the events industry is recognized and has a voice of its own.


  • Alexis Kereluk and Emma Parston, Co-Founders of ConnectSeven Group 


  • Brooke Gracey, Senior Manager, Demand Generation, Cvent
  • Cody Liskh, Team Lead, Event Quarterback Team, Cvent


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