Staying Productive and Proactive

Staying Productive and Proactive

Today we are joined by Fay Sharpe founder of the not-for-profit organization Fast Forward 15 in the UK.

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After founding a meetings and events company and completing her life's goal, Fay found herself wanting to give back to the women in the events industry by setting up a mentoring program under Fast Forward 15. Taken from her many years of experience, Fay shares her advice on what you should focus on if you've been furloughed and how to stand out when updating your resume. You won't want to miss it!


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Brooke Gracey: All right. Welcome to the how great events happen podcast we are Brooke and Cody and we are your podcast hosts.

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Cody Liskh: But today's episode is another special edition video cast coming to you from our personal home offices in Portland, Oregon.

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Cody Liskh: And just like most of our listeners. We are also pivoting temporarily to work remotely, but we noticed even more important than ever to continue having relevant conversations about what is happening in the event industry, given our worlds current situation.

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Brooke Gracey: Or super excited today because we're joined by faith, sharp. She's in the UK and founder of the Fast Forward 15 and she's going to talk to us about how she's used her experience to stay positive and productive during these times.

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Cody Liskh: She has some really great tips on staying positive and taking care of yourself personally and professionally right now.

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Cody Liskh: And to set the stage for your future. So Fay. Thank you so much for joining. Can you start by giving us a little bit of background on how you ended up at where you are today.

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Fay Sharpe: Yeah, first of all, hi everyone in America. Lovely to speak to you all and and Cody and thank you for having me. I'm calling you from sunny garden me, which is the home of the holiday to remember that movie with Cameron Diaz.

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Cody Liskh: Yes, yes, yes.

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Fay Sharpe: That's why I'm calling you from I'm so a little bit about me. Well, I'll tell you a bit about my my son's starting in in life and my career. So

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Fay Sharpe: I don't come from a very well background. I actually was was born and lived in a cancer high switching in the US will be a 10 house.

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Fay Sharpe: My parents didn't have a lot of money. My dad worked really hard work six days a week as a janitor and

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Fay Sharpe: He died suddenly when I was 14 which was really unfortunate because I didn't have any money so

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Fay Sharpe: I had a choice and the choice was to find my way and make a success of myself or or not. So I chose obviously to to go for it. And I put myself through university.

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Fay Sharpe: And when I started my first job, I was very short myself I my boss asked me what I wanted to be. And without thinking, I said to him, I want to be a millionaire by the time I'm 30

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Fay Sharpe: And he laughed at me, which you should never do. Don't laugh at me because I'm actually quite a determined person and it almost sort of spurred me on to actually be even more determined to achieve something so

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Fay Sharpe: When I hit 30 I actually owed somewhere in the region of about six $700,000 in business loans and debts and what have you. However I reset my goals. And when I hit 40 I sold my business, which was an event agency, the largest in the UK, a company called cyber

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Fay Sharpe: I sold that for 15.9 million and I achieved my goal. And it wasn't just about the money. It was about success, being a role model and I wanted to be someone so I can help other people



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Brooke Gracey: Oh my gosh that is the greatest story. I like, I need some of your energy Faye to some of that inspiration.



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Fay Sharpe: I am annoyingly positive, but I think, you know, I think positivity breeds positivity. So I'm a great believer in



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Fay Sharpe: What you put out there is what you get back. So I tried to put out good stuff. And I get a lot of good stuff back. That's my motto. So, and also one of my other



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Fay Sharpe: Key things always is to believe in yourself. So I always tell you know all my mentees and people I work with, you know, you have to believe you have to start with yourself. You have to believe in yourself. You believe in yourself, then everything else. So yeah, I'm



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Brooke Gracey: A firm believer in that as well. Fact. People say, I have a lot of confidence, but



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Brooke Gracey: You know, it's, it's a lot of just believing in yourself and setting some goals and trying to reach those dreams. And what I love about your story too is that it didn't exactly happened the way that you expected, but it was all very positive you're able to pivot.



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Fay Sharpe: Yeah, you know, it's not easy. I mean, when I sold the business back in 2007 I sold it twice. Actually I sold it, and then I bought it back to one of the partners that



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Fay Sharpe: I bought the business. And then we sold it again, and it's now, as I've learned is now part A, B, C, D meetings and events which is a great meetings company. They're fabulous to work with and they've been great.



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Fay Sharpe: You know, throughout the time I've worked with them. But so what possible 15, you might say, well, where did that come from. So when I started the business back in 2007 I



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Fay Sharpe: Think I I felt I was really lucky. I've worked hard at being lucky, though, and I decided that I wanted to not just be successful with business and have



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Fay Sharpe: Do well financially, but I also wanted to give something back. I wanted to help other people



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Fay Sharpe: And it wasn't until about 2011 when I was at a meetings and events industry awards and it was the event 100 where they celebrate the top 100 people in the events industry and



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Fay Sharpe: About 78% of the top 100 were men. Okay, which was fat for the guys but I was like, hang on a minute. Where are you know, bearing in mind our industry 75% female



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Brooke Gracey: Gonna say that there's a lot of women in the events.



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Brooke Gracey: Industry. So I've seen a little off.



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Fay Sharpe: So I challenge the organizers. And I said why they're not, you know. Why are there not more women here in this top 100. And she said, well, the women don't seem to put themselves forward for this. And so I looked a bit more into it and



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Fay Sharpe: really find out that there was a bit of a call or the has been a confidence issue with with women over the years.



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Fay Sharpe: In that we we tend to hold back until we're 100% good at something before we actually say, yeah, I can do that. So I back in 2014 I decided to create a mentoring program, a free of charge, not for profit mentoring program for women in the events industry, supported by men, and male and females.



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Fay Sharpe: And I came up with a brand fastball 15 I reached out to my network of my 25 years of working in this industry and ask people that I respected, would you, would you be a mentor for a year.



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Fay Sharpe: I worked on a program writing a government program. So it wasn't just like hooking two people up for coffee.



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Fay Sharpe: I wanted it to be something more substantial so that people actually went through a whole year of growing and developing themselves and being the best that they could be



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Fay Sharpe: Um, and then I put this out to in all the UK industry magazines and I have like 250 applications in the first year. So, um, and then it went from there, really. So the program is different to other mentoring programs out there in the



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Fay Sharpe: People have to apply. First of all, and I only pick 15 women every year to have a place of on this program.



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Fay Sharpe: And they get a year's worth of one on one mentoring with a senior person male, female,



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Fay Sharpe: From the industry, but they also get training days with me. So we do a training day where we look at things like pitching or building their brand or we do vision boards.



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Fay Sharpe: So they really get lost. And we also try and help them attend things that they might not normally have attended. So for example, I might try and get them to a board meeting or go to a networking



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Fay Sharpe: Program that they might not have been able to attend otherwise. So they come at the end of the year, I think, with a huge



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Fay Sharpe: Degree of experience they build a network and they create an alumni that actually goes on, way beyond that year. And the last thing they have to do is they have to put on a charity event. They have no budget.



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Fay Sharpe: With the intention of raising money for charity other women's charges and also supporting the program. So yeah, and this is your five so it must be something like, yeah.



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Brooke Gracey: I was going to ask you, what does fast forward 15 men, but I think I got the 15 parts.



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Fay Sharpe: 15 women's careers or, you know, and it might not be that someone wants to be on the board or they might not want to be the director of whatever on the VP or whatever you want to call it. So just might want the confidence to stand up.



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Fay Sharpe: And speak at an event or they might be in a situation where you know that they never put a hand up when someone asks you know



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Fay Sharpe: The moon, but sometimes it's just small baby steps and sometimes it's people with huge ambition to set their own businesses up so we do get a variety of people that want to be part of the program which is wonderful.



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Brooke Gracey: That's fantastic.



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Cody Liskh: I love that. And I feel like you probably have just a wealth of information and knowledge to pass on to these 15 people every year and



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Cody Liskh: I feel like part of that is probably some advice on how to prepare yourself for getting back into it. So what kind of advice can you give our listeners about how to prepare for, you know, getting back into it.



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Fay Sharpe: I can talk to work now after this period or



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Cody Liskh: Oh yeah, exactly, getting back into the work. Yeah, exactly. Getting back into work.



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Fay Sharpe: Right. So first of all, I think that what I would say is if you're at home now and you'll furloughed or you're working from home or whatever the situation is



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Fay Sharpe: Have a routine. Don't just, you know, wake up. When you feel like it and do better work and put your pajamas on and I, by the way, I have got prizes on today. I'm wearing real size. It's not pajama sounds good.



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Fay Sharpe: So, so try routine to try and work out a time if you're going to get up, make sure also that you get outside and you do some exercise. So, and I think if you can start this intraday like a wall or a yoga.



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Fay Sharpe: DVD or video whatever or Netflix or whatever it is.



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Fay Sharpe: Try and get something in there and you have a dog, take out for a walk and and so you're not sat at the computer for the whole day you're actually getting up and down and actually do things.



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Fay Sharpe: I think also break your day up into segments. So you're doing different things.



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Fay Sharpe: So that when you do go back to work. And I think a lot of us will actually go back to work from home again. I think the world has changed and we may not be going back to an office all the time.



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Fay Sharpe: And it means that you're going to be better prepared for the new world is as we will change the way we work.



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Brooke Gracey: Like, I love that my dog certainly appreciates when I take him out for a little walk.



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Brooke Gracey: There's been a lot of people who, you know, maybe they've been furloughed and they're looking for work, but you know they're looking to build their skill sets to because there's a lot that goes into the events industry. Do you have any advice on what they should focus on. Yeah.



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Fay Sharpe: I mean, obviously, we will have different disciplines I were all doing slightly different job. Some people may be in marketing or something, maybe



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Fay Sharpe: Venue sourcing or logistics or other areas of the events industry. So I think obviously it depends on you. Um, I



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Fay Sharpe: One of the things I did because I am a bit crazy. As I signed up for 15 diplomas, which I'm on the three I've completed three so far.



00:12:26.460 --> 00:12:35.130

Fay Sharpe: Just an online company. I mean, you know, put it, really interesting. So I've done everything from canine dog behavior which is from my dog because he's crazy to



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Fay Sharpe: Through to social media. I'm I've got one that I'm going to do next, which is creating a book or getting a book ready for publishing



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Fay Sharpe: Also I'm being a mentor. I'm doing a master NLP, so I think gotta find a company that does good online courses that's got a good reputation.



00:12:56.310 --> 00:13:02.100

Fay Sharpe: I found one. They were doing like courses for $29 normally like 400 because will stuck in. They were doing like an alpha



00:13:02.430 --> 00:13:09.900

Fay Sharpe: So I just put block book 15 so I'm working my way through that and I just put that you know you don't need to race through it. Maybe put yourself.



00:13:10.350 --> 00:13:16.320

Fay Sharpe: An hour a day that you do that where it's something either you want to learn about that will



00:13:16.950 --> 00:13:27.510

Fay Sharpe: Benefit you or something that is going to be good for your career. So find a company that does something good and look at the course they do. And look at where are your gaps in your skill set. So,



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Brooke Gracey: Oh, sorry. I was just gonna say in your social in your social media course that you did, did you find out any good tips or tricks for people who are looking for jobs.



00:13:37.770 --> 00:13:44.880

Fay Sharpe: Oh, did you know I think one of the key things. So, bear in mind guys I know I look really young, but when I first started my career.



00:13:45.600 --> 00:13:54.660

Fay Sharpe: I had a PA who actually had a typewriter. Okay, so I have had to learn that the hard way. But if you'd have said to me that



00:13:55.110 --> 00:14:04.110

Fay Sharpe: Could you do the things that I do now on you know my social media item said no, five or six years ago, but you have to. It's the way the way of the world. It's at how we all work so



00:14:04.680 --> 00:14:13.470

Fay Sharpe: I, one of the things I've done is during this period that I've had more time I've revamped my Instagram. For example, it was an area I was maybe neglecting



00:14:14.340 --> 00:14:21.540

Fay Sharpe: So I'm looking a lot more how I feel. That is, I'm trying to create a brand image for after 15 that sort of



00:14:22.380 --> 00:14:36.000

Fay Sharpe: Fits in but also give some really valuable tips on there that actually will help people. So I'm talking about positivity. I'm talking about goal setting. I'm talking about what will travel look like when we go back



00:14:36.540 --> 00:14:47.490

Fay Sharpe: Things that are relevant, but also the human side of it, like, Sorry I posted. The other day I had a bad day, a really bad day. And so I posted that one of the things I have



00:14:48.210 --> 00:14:58.620

Fay Sharpe: Is a theme tune like a little power tune you know that if I'm having a bad day. I play this and it's a fireball by Pitbull, and if you know that song I



00:14:58.800 --> 00:15:00.240

Cody Liskh: Was not expecting that song.



00:15:02.100 --> 00:15:12.450

Fay Sharpe: The South Side, like I do, dancing, and it's like a salsa. So, and, you know, it's one of those songs. It's just really like upbeat and uplifting and so I always say to people.



00:15:13.320 --> 00:15:23.820

Fay Sharpe: When they're a bit down or whatever maybe get a theme tune or get a song that really gets you going and put that on. Because I think that's a good way of motivating yourself so. So going back to the social



00:15:24.450 --> 00:15:35.490

Fay Sharpe: Um, I think, make sure what you're putting out those relevant. The worst thing you could do is be putting stuff out on social media that actually is not relevant for today's environment so



00:15:37.080 --> 00:15:48.210

Fay Sharpe: That's just a typical i think i think spending time on your personal brand is really worth it. You know you if you're going to be looking for a job or even if you're in a job or whatever your situation is



00:15:48.810 --> 00:15:56.460

Fay Sharpe: building your own personal brand up is only beneficial. I mean, I've spent 25 years building my brand.



00:15:57.600 --> 00:16:10.920

Fay Sharpe: And now I have my my businesses me really the FFA D and I've sold my previous business, but I have my own personal brand and and that might be something you want to do in the future. So you got to start somewhere.



00:16:11.760 --> 00:16:19.140

Brooke Gracey: Yeah, like I use. I use social media in different ways, right. So, Instagram, and Facebook is kind of like more my personal like my



00:16:19.140 --> 00:16:24.510

Brooke Gracey: Family follows me and my friends but LinkedIn and Twitter that's more my professional persona.



00:16:24.930 --> 00:16:31.680

Brooke Gracey: So that's where I'm tweeting articles about the industry and things like that. So taking a look at your social media is never a bad idea.



00:16:32.190 --> 00:16:49.110

Fay Sharpe: Absolutely. And I think you're right. Choose choose the medium that you want to, you know, you're fully entitled to have your own personal things obviously keep those settings closed. If you don't want that to be out there and, you know, industry, but I personally I'm on everything so



00:16:50.730 --> 00:17:01.470

Fay Sharpe: Yeah, I, I like to communicate and different people like different mediums, but LinkedIn is a great one. Um, I think LinkedIn is a really good one for the business community, for sure.



00:17:02.220 --> 00:17:11.880

Cody Liskh: For sure. And for all of our listeners out there. They actually has all of our social media links in the background right now on her our video cast, which is so cool. The first time I've seen that on our video cast



00:17:12.210 --> 00:17:21.690

Cody Liskh: Loving if they just wanted to ask, like, one of the things we've been talking about on our podcast is how great of an idea. It is to update your resume or CV.



00:17:22.800 --> 00:17:26.640

Cody Liskh: Do you have any advice on what maybe our listeners should be doing when they're updating their CV.



00:17:27.240 --> 00:17:32.580

Fay Sharpe: Yes. As you notice, I'm glad you asked that question because I've got a 23 year old daughter.



00:17:32.970 --> 00:17:43.800

Fay Sharpe: Who finished University last year, and she works. She's in she works in marketing in a fashion and beauty and I don't know if it's tough in America but fashion is a really hard industry to break into



00:17:44.700 --> 00:18:00.090

Fay Sharpe: AND SHE WAS PUTTING A CV out there and not getting the response. She wanted. I think that's one of the things that will find you know you need to stand out. Right, so she basically this is this was what her CV did look like I know you can see that there briefly on what



00:18:00.150 --> 00:18:01.560

Brooke Gracey: Our listeners. It's like



00:18:01.800 --> 00:18:06.270

Brooke Gracey: Kind of what you would expect to see a white piece of paper, some text on it. I mean, it's



00:18:06.540 --> 00:18:08.370

Brooke Gracey: Awesome color to it. It's



00:18:08.400 --> 00:18:10.650

Fay Sharpe: It's like, man, you know it's it's



00:18:10.950 --> 00:18:13.140

Cody Liskh: Okay, we get lost. If we get lost in the in the show.



00:18:14.520 --> 00:18:14.850

Fay Sharpe: So,



00:18:15.210 --> 00:18:25.050

Fay Sharpe: Again, this is, this is why we use social media. So we sat down and we looked at brand she wants. First of all, we look to the brand. She wanted to work for. And she was really keen on Burberry



00:18:26.250 --> 00:18:36.270

Fay Sharpe: She was really keen on cosmopolitan, and so, um, she's obviously a marketing. So she she looked at it was an article about the one of the designers



00:18:36.960 --> 00:18:48.270

Fay Sharpe: At Burberry who've been featured in The Wall Street Journal, so she really created a CB into the article from The Wall Street Journal and if you can see this. Now can you see the



00:18:48.600 --> 00:18:58.470

Brooke Gracey: Yeah. So for our listeners, you're missing out because on the video portion, we're actually looking at what looks like a copy of The Wall Street Journal



00:18:59.910 --> 00:19:00.900

Cody Liskh: Magazine. Yeah.



00:19:01.050 --> 00:19:04.350

Fay Sharpe: Yeah, so she transposed her CV on to



00:19:05.970 --> 00:19:09.450

Fay Sharpe: The magazine and wrote out the internal



00:19:10.470 --> 00:19:18.240

Fay Sharpe: You know, pieces of it, etc. And the grabbing headlines on the front. And so this is what you can see which is basically her her CV, so



00:19:19.410 --> 00:19:36.600

Fay Sharpe: I know it was really cool. So from that CV, she she got five opportunities and we put this the smart thing about this and posted this or LinkedIn, because obviously, as we said just now, a lot of people look on LinkedIn for job opportunities and



00:19:37.320 --> 00:19:39.990

Fay Sharpe: We posted with a little piece, the front, saying, you know,



00:19:41.310 --> 00:19:48.480

Fay Sharpe: She was created marketeer having trouble trouble breaking into the industry get anyone off of their advice. This is my CD, etc.



00:19:48.690 --> 00:20:03.570

Fay Sharpe: And she had the week. I can't say the name of the company because she's having a final interview with them soon, but she got a call from the VP of this big sports wear fashion brand. And she's had two interviews with them. So I was like, yay, really, you know, don't



00:20:05.130 --> 00:20:16.290

Fay Sharpe: So I think the moral of the story of that though is you do have to try and stand out. Obviously. Again, you have to be appropriate for your industry or you know that fits the fashion industry because you know she she picked the right medium.



00:20:17.100 --> 00:20:29.070

Fay Sharpe: But you can do things on LinkedIn, that will make you stand out or create something that's going to make you stand out. And the other thing she did, which I love. She came up with this idea. She had the first interview with this company.



00:20:30.270 --> 00:20:38.970

Fay Sharpe: And she just got these cupcakes made which are really cute. And she just had the brand of the company on a little



00:20:39.780 --> 00:20:47.790

Fay Sharpe: You know paper cutter on the top, which we which we got made so that once you join the interview she had a little cupcake with a brand on the top, which the intimate



00:20:48.390 --> 00:20:56.280

Fay Sharpe: Now, I've never had a cupcake with my brand on it. So I just think, you know, that's you know it's going to be tough when we come up this next



00:20:56.730 --> 00:21:05.850

Fay Sharpe: You will period. If you want to get the right job. If you want to get into the industry, you know, your choice you have to stand out. You have to be different.



00:21:07.050 --> 00:21:14.970

Fay Sharpe: But I think any creative things you can do without being over the top. I think there's a line, but some, I think you have to stand out.



00:21:15.720 --> 00:21:19.230

Brooke Gracey: Yeah so cupcakes editor, maybe not like a marching band or something.



00:21:20.880 --> 00:21:27.240

Fay Sharpe: You know, I did see some something someone did where they said like someone a Starbucks coffee thing. So I think, you know,



00:21:28.020 --> 00:21:34.860

Fay Sharpe: You gotta draw the line. You don't want to stalk someone you don't want to make them feel too uncomfortable, but I definitely think there are some things that you can do.



00:21:35.370 --> 00:21:47.580

Fay Sharpe: If you do get into the opportunities. Um, and certainly I think what will happen is a lot more interviews will be online as we're talking now rather than face to face. So I think that again.



00:21:48.330 --> 00:21:58.410

Fay Sharpe: Being prepared for your interview and actually looking right, making sure that you check the sand you checked the the background whatever's going on behind you that you've got



00:21:58.830 --> 00:22:09.210

Fay Sharpe: Maybe some some slides to show your interviewer will be really useful when we come through to the next period of maybe people recruiting back into their companies.



00:22:10.770 --> 00:22:18.930

Cody Liskh: Yeah, that's a really good point. I'm just trying to think of how you can translate cupcakes to a virtual interview. But there's gotta be a way out there, get creative guys



00:22:19.410 --> 00:22:26.250

Fay Sharpe: I just think, you know, you don't want to. I think the personal touch is always important. I think that, you know,



00:22:26.970 --> 00:22:36.390

Fay Sharpe: People want people who are prepared. You've spent the time to maybe research them on LinkedIn, so they know when they're speaking to, they know about the company and the brand.



00:22:37.320 --> 00:22:44.550

Fay Sharpe: But maybe people that have also come prepared so you know if you're doing a call like this for your interview.



00:22:44.760 --> 00:22:54.690

Fay Sharpe: Make sure you have like a slide ready to quickly show someone I have something I made early, would you like to see it, you know, at the right time, obviously. But I think, um, yeah. Be prepared and be organized



00:22:55.410 --> 00:22:59.040

Fay Sharpe: You know, so you can, you could do something simple like that that I've just shown you that CV.



00:23:00.390 --> 00:23:03.660

Fay Sharpe: To show the interviewer that you you've actually thought about it.



00:23:04.410 --> 00:23:06.810

Cody Liskh: That such a good way just to stand out a little bit.



00:23:08.370 --> 00:23:11.910

Cody Liskh: Well, you mentioned to us the sentiment of generosity of spirit.



00:23:12.270 --> 00:23:16.890

Cody Liskh: And he talked to us about your personal growth over the years and how that translates to your daily life.



00:23:17.220 --> 00:23:30.300

Fay Sharpe: Yeah, yeah. Um, so obviously I was successful. I'm successful have had a really lucky break and made my business, one of the largest event agencies in the UK.



00:23:31.350 --> 00:23:36.750

Fay Sharpe: But I also felt like at the same time as I said to you, I think it's really important that you



00:23:37.710 --> 00:23:42.540

Fay Sharpe: Don't just give lip service to giving back. I know a lot of companies have charity activities.



00:23:42.900 --> 00:23:51.120

Fay Sharpe: As a leader. I was always at the front of every single activity and that means whatever the team through me, or I throw at them.



00:23:51.450 --> 00:24:03.960

Fay Sharpe: I would be there, leading the way. So over the years, I've done everything from sleeping a cardboard box to hide been nervous to cycle 550 miles from Paris to the UK.



00:24:04.560 --> 00:24:16.860

Fay Sharpe: And I was due to upsell down 160 foot cathedral on the sixth of June, but that's cancelled because of where we're at. But I'm going to and I hate heights. By the way, so



00:24:17.700 --> 00:24:31.080

Fay Sharpe: So over the years. I probably I've raised over 100,000 pounds, which is about $130,000 for charities. So that's, that's something I'm really you know and i i



00:24:31.680 --> 00:24:38.970

Fay Sharpe: still work with B C D on the charity committee there and I'm really find it an important part of the culture any company.



00:24:39.330 --> 00:24:52.230

Fay Sharpe: To have a strong ethos of giving back and, B, C, D. I'm really bringing a that. So, um, but also the other thing I i've done is, I'm a chair of trustees for small charity for the muscle Health Foundation.



00:24:53.310 --> 00:25:04.260

Fay Sharpe: So it's charity that delivers dreams to boys and girls that have muscular dystrophy. So, and at the moment because we can't do anything physically live



00:25:04.770 --> 00:25:08.610

Fay Sharpe: Because they're vulnerable, you know, in terms of their health.



00:25:09.480 --> 00:25:19.020

Fay Sharpe: We are working on a virtual program. So we're looking at how we can deliver virtual dreams to them. So that's something that I do. And obviously fast for 15 is a not for profit.



00:25:19.950 --> 00:25:27.690

Fay Sharpe: You know, people get that mentoring free of charge. So I think generally I am someone who always likes to



00:25:28.110 --> 00:25:41.730

Fay Sharpe: Help and do things and like at the moment. So I'm clearing my house out because we're all stuck at home right so we're all going to be in for a while and I did about you, but we're, we're still in lockdown for another few more weeks.



00:25:42.180 --> 00:25:47.430

Fay Sharpe: So we'll maybe longer. So one of the things I've been doing is just, there's a couple of



00:25:48.630 --> 00:25:58.350

Fay Sharpe: Website local Facebook groups that are like, Rena Godalming and by nothing that people maybe who don't have much money or maybe they've lost their jobs, etc.



00:25:58.740 --> 00:26:14.820

Fay Sharpe: And so I make sure I try wherever I can i just delivered a lot of goodies packages to all those people, you know, I put stuff on there if they want it and I'll deliver it to them and you know people middle step. I just think in life if you can help other people, then why no



00:26:15.720 --> 00:26:24.780

Brooke Gracey: I agree, Cody and I absolutely agree with that. And I know what the fast forward 15. I mean, that also is just keeping you busy, because that doesn't stop either



00:26:25.110 --> 00:26:25.650

Brooke Gracey: Tell us what



00:26:25.950 --> 00:26:35.070

Brooke Gracey: The state of mind of those mentees right now we're over the past couple months, are they, where are they taking it straight, are they seeing this as an opportunity



00:26:35.490 --> 00:26:46.380

Fay Sharpe: Yeah, well, you know, they're all in different position. So some people have lost their jobs. I'll be really honest with you, I'm one of the mentees for me last weekend said she had a call with her boss last Friday.



00:26:46.800 --> 00:26:58.470

Fay Sharpe: And half of the business have been laid off their travel orientated company luxury travel path and food companies, then, you know, then maybe done so she was



00:26:59.100 --> 00:27:13.140

Fay Sharpe: Feeling a little bit, you know, needing a bit of a pep talk and and we just talked about some of the things that she's done over the year and one of the things that she's done is set up a blog or tipsy trouble talks and tipsy being a little bit drunk, you know,



00:27:13.950 --> 00:27:14.340

Cody Liskh: Oh, yeah.



00:27:15.870 --> 00:27:16.110

Cody Liskh: Yeah.



00:27:18.030 --> 00:27:18.360

Fay Sharpe: No.



00:27:18.660 --> 00:27:20.790

Fay Sharpe: I said to her, I will. Why did you focus on



00:27:20.850 --> 00:27:30.540

Fay Sharpe: You know, doing some things more things around that. So I think it's hard. I mean, you know, let's face it. Nothing like this has happened in the, you know,



00:27:31.080 --> 00:27:41.130

Fay Sharpe: Since about 1919 or whatever, when the last war by pandemic happened but and I've never experienced anything like this before. So I think it is hard for



00:27:41.670 --> 00:27:52.320

Fay Sharpe: People who are maybe a further back in their career or just starting a new career. And I actually quite like it because I'm doing all the jobs that I haven't been able to do for the last 25 years



00:27:53.070 --> 00:28:00.090

Fay Sharpe: So I'm actually loving it, and clearing everything out and I'm refurbishing different things and doing gardening and what have you and making bread.



00:28:01.170 --> 00:28:09.210

Fay Sharpe: Whereas my daughter, you know, Friends are all like, oh my god. We can't wait to get out. We want to go and have a drink some wine and have a party so



00:28:09.930 --> 00:28:21.150

Fay Sharpe: I think different people are at different stages. So with the mentees. I think that some are really positive that they're taking it as an opportunity to reset their goals and I think



00:28:21.660 --> 00:28:27.300

Fay Sharpe: That's what I've tried to emphasize to them, you know, things happen in life. You can't always have a smooth.



00:28:27.600 --> 00:28:41.070

Fay Sharpe: Sailing you know sometimes you hit an iceberg and you got a real threat because or, you know, getting the lifeboat or whatever it is. And if that happens to you, then you need to move quickly look at what you can do, not what you can't do



00:28:42.060 --> 00:28:49.650

Fay Sharpe: And try and come up with some new small goals that just keep you motivated and keep you moving forward. So, um,



00:28:50.190 --> 00:28:58.590

Fay Sharpe: I think personal goals. A good to have this time. So it's good to maybe set yourself some small goals that you can you can do yourself like



00:28:58.920 --> 00:29:16.140

Fay Sharpe: Well that's walk 10,000 steps a day either around your home. If you can't get out, whether it's doing that yoga video or learning something new, like I've learned to make bread which is really good and just the small things can help you keep motivated every day.



00:29:17.520 --> 00:29:19.620

Fay Sharpe: On a personal basis, as well as the business thing.



00:29:21.090 --> 00:29:26.760

Cody Liskh: Yeah. Have a good friend Jessica, who has that has been her goal is to make some bread. During this time, and



00:29:27.360 --> 00:29:37.830

Cody Liskh: I mean, that's it. Sounds fun. It sounds a little complicated. I mean, I've never tried to make bread before my life, but it sounds a little complicated, and though I remember, I remember fate when you show me your raised garden beds outside, too.



00:29:38.130 --> 00:29:39.420

Cody Liskh: And he had a such a cool



00:29:39.510 --> 00:29:41.190

Cody Liskh: Goal to have because they look awesome.



00:29:41.700 --> 00:29:41.970

Cody Liskh: Yeah.



00:29:42.840 --> 00:29:56.190

Fay Sharpe: I've literally I've got I'm like an organic farm. Now I have, you know, that's my little project at the moment. So yeah, it's nice, isn't it, I mean it's and also I like, you know, I like it gives me it's like therapy, making



00:29:56.400 --> 00:29:57.600

Cody Liskh: That exactly



00:29:58.680 --> 00:30:02.580

Cody Liskh: Well, I want to shift gears and talk about the hospitality side of things. Yeah.



00:30:02.970 --> 00:30:13.500

Cody Liskh: I mean, who knows what its gonna look like. Do you have any idea or a prediction, at least, of what the hospitality industry is going to look like in maybe two to five years. How has, how has this whole



00:30:13.890 --> 00:30:16.380

Cody Liskh: coven 19 situation impacted the industry.



00:30:17.130 --> 00:30:21.120

Cody Liskh: Globally, either, you know, just in the UK or globally. Yeah.



00:30:21.210 --> 00:30:22.740

Fay Sharpe: Hold on, let me just get my crystal ball.



00:30:23.220 --> 00:30:24.420

Brooke Gracey: Yeah yeah



00:30:26.610 --> 00:30:32.940

Fay Sharpe: You know, it's also really difficult question. So first of all, I think that in the short term, we're all going to stay local



00:30:33.990 --> 00:30:35.730

Fay Sharpe: I think there's gonna be a lot of



00:30:37.980 --> 00:30:47.100

Fay Sharpe: You know us to us, travel, which is which is good for you guys. If you have a big huge country with loads of places you can go. I think that is going to be



00:30:47.940 --> 00:30:59.850

Fay Sharpe: You know, in country. And I think in the UK, especially I think a lot of people will, for example, this if we do get an opportunity to get out this year. I think people will be staying in the UK. And I think that's probably more



00:31:00.750 --> 00:31:06.750

Fay Sharpe: Not necessarily about going to places is about the health risk you know I



00:31:07.140 --> 00:31:21.420

Fay Sharpe: Do you what happens if I get sick. What's going to happen to me if I get ill. What's the health care system like in that country will I be able to be looked after and will I be able to get home you know so i think i mean for the short term, I think that that will happen. I know that.



00:31:24.240 --> 00:31:32.400

Fay Sharpe: Longer term or, I believe, longer term that there will be measures put in place, whereby we might have to have health passports.



00:31:33.780 --> 00:31:38.490

Fay Sharpe: Um, but I think it depends on if you know if they create a vaccine for this.



00:31:39.240 --> 00:31:46.590

Fay Sharpe: Virus, then I think obviously things may change. So, so it's very hard to give you a, like a black and white answer yet to your son. We're going to be fine.



00:31:47.250 --> 00:32:04.020

Fay Sharpe: I do think that this may have changed some of the populations you on how they travel and looking at their work patterns I you know we've all been enjoyed being at home maybe to some extent.



00:32:05.130 --> 00:32:13.170

Fay Sharpe: You know, people, people may find that traveling is a little bit different. And as I said, they may want to be more closer to home. And the longer trips, for example.



00:32:13.890 --> 00:32:33.330

Fay Sharpe: Maybe less maybe add trouble, maybe more expensive. Possibly. I don't know if Elijah struggling at the moment, or say we have to have flights, where people are spread out more. That's going to push the cost up so I'm I'm finding a hard to look beyond 2020



00:32:34.470 --> 00:32:48.150

Fay Sharpe: I'd like to be positive. Beyond that, I think it really will depend on what happens next. But I think we should we should keep positive and we should, you know, support wherever we can.



00:32:49.650 --> 00:32:56.400

Fay Sharpe: Locally, and also the one thing that's been really interesting is the virtual meetings explosion that's that's happening.



00:32:58.770 --> 00:33:17.700

Fay Sharpe: I know I was talking to one of the guys at BCG virtual team today. And they have just had an influx of meetings coming in and are doing, you know, some fantastic events and had great feedback. So I think that that side of things may be something that is the next phase and



00:33:18.840 --> 00:33:29.070

Fay Sharpe: May be cost effective or more, more cost effective and what work from work well, but I still think face to face is a beautiful thing.



00:33:30.660 --> 00:33:32.730

Brooke Gracey: I can't wait to see Cody face to face again.



00:33:33.360 --> 00:33:43.050

Cody Liskh: It's gonna happen sometime soon i hope i think i think that you're absolutely right. They. I mean, we asked this question a lot, but nobody really knows. I think we're just gonna have to



00:33:43.710 --> 00:33:49.920

Cody Liskh: Keep an eye out and just keep constantly giving a pulse check and seeing where we're at and taking it maybe week by week



00:33:50.490 --> 00:33:51.600

Cody Liskh: Yeah yeah



00:33:52.260 --> 00:34:01.110

Fay Sharpe: He thinks everything will change. And that will all be different. And then another part of me thinks, well, you know, I think people do want to get back some sort of normality, um,



00:34:01.620 --> 00:34:10.260

Fay Sharpe: I do think we need to consider the environment more and do things. I think we could do things more effectively and efficiently. Um,



00:34:11.130 --> 00:34:21.390

Fay Sharpe: But I still think that getting together and the industry, we're in is probably one of the most important is just, you know, we all have to travel. Right. We all have that curious gene.



00:34:21.900 --> 00:34:28.410

Fay Sharpe: That means, you know, we want to go and see things. I mean, you know, I've got a list of things I want to do Machu Picchu.



00:34:28.770 --> 00:34:44.400

Fay Sharpe: You know, my job. I want to do all these things, it's, it's that curious gene, isn't it, that you want to go and see things and see the world and experience different cultures. So I don't think that's going to go away. I think this generation this this generation is just coming up.



00:34:45.960 --> 00:34:49.200

Fay Sharpe: Early 20s, want to travel more than probably needed



00:34:51.030 --> 00:34:55.950

Cody Liskh: Yeah, totally agree. I mean, broken I we had to reschedule our trip to New Zealand later this year.



00:34:56.970 --> 00:35:04.350

Cody Liskh: That's been a dream of ours to go down there. But you know, I, it's not a cancellation, in my mind, it's just a just a delay will do it.



00:35:05.580 --> 00:35:16.620

Cody Liskh: Yeah, okay. This has been so cool having you on the podcast got to ask our favorite question. If you had to leave our event professionals with just one takeaway or piece of advice. During this time, what would that be



00:35:17.520 --> 00:35:20.940

Fay Sharpe: Okay. So number one is you have to believe in yourself.



00:35:22.170 --> 00:35:24.090

Fay Sharpe: above everything else that's really important.



00:35:25.140 --> 00:35:31.530

Fay Sharpe: Number two is I would really strongly advise getting a mentor and you are



00:35:32.580 --> 00:35:44.100

Fay Sharpe: Five times more likely to achieve your goals. If you have a mentor and you. I think it's 22% more likely to achieve a pay increase, which is always give us. All right. So get a mentor.



00:35:45.090 --> 00:35:59.490

Fay Sharpe: And I think sometimes find someone that you respect or you admire in the industry and just message them and say, you know, would you consider having a coffee with me once a quarter, just to be my mentor. I think a lot of people find



00:36:00.750 --> 00:36:17.550

Fay Sharpe: Their flattered. So they might say, Yes, I think that's, that's another tip I would give. And I think the last thing is see positive. What you put out there is what will come back to you. So keep positive and keep proactive and



00:36:18.960 --> 00:36:20.610

Fay Sharpe: Hopefully, it would be all good.



00:36:21.270 --> 00:36:22.470

Brooke Gracey: Hope for the best.



00:36:22.770 --> 00:36:30.810

Brooke Gracey: Keep a smile on your face, have that confidence. Believe in yourself and find somebody that can help mentor you. I think that's solid advice.



00:36:31.290 --> 00:36:31.680




00:36:32.790 --> 00:36:39.630

Brooke Gracey: Is there anything that you would like to promote or share with our listeners or how can they get in touch with you and the fast forward 15 program.



00:36:39.930 --> 00:36:45.720

Fay Sharpe: Well, you've got behind me is my media, which is great and the social media.



00:36:46.470 --> 00:36:50.280

Fay Sharpe: Is all there, they want to. I mean, please follow us on Instagram, we're trying to build a



00:36:50.610 --> 00:37:00.210

Fay Sharpe: Following on that and I'm really focusing on that this year it's been one of my lockdown goals to increase my followers and I actually just made a really crazy video which



00:37:01.170 --> 00:37:14.010

Fay Sharpe: I'm going to be playing in the next few weeks. So it's something I've done this year we normally have a graduation event and we couldn't do that live. We can't do that, face to face, so we're doing a virtual graduation, so



00:37:14.430 --> 00:37:32.580

Fay Sharpe: On Monday, I'm making the heaters at lunchtime. We're sharing our achievements online and the mentors are giving their awards, but they are got a surprise video I've made on the, on the, sort of the basis of love, actually, which is really funny. While I think it's funny. Anyway, and



00:37:34.470 --> 00:37:45.720

Fay Sharpe: So, so, so I think that's great. So if people would follow us on Instagram, that'd be great. And if they want to know more about the program. They can either link him with me. And we do have a forum to I just launched a



00:37:46.680 --> 00:37:55.290

Fay Sharpe: Fast 115 Forum, which is going to be a platform to help people that may be looking for jobs that want to promote themselves in terms of



00:37:56.130 --> 00:38:13.200

Fay Sharpe: freelance work or other or employers who are looking to take people back on in the next few months, whatever. So just trying to help people and it's all not for profit. So, you know, hopefully, that should help a few people. And yeah, I think, you know, that's so good.



00:38:13.800 --> 00:38:18.000

Brooke Gracey: We can include those links in the podcast description as well so you can get in touch with say



00:38:19.320 --> 00:38:28.980

Fay Sharpe: Oh my, my English is just reminded me also, we have a website now which you can obviously look I'ma tell us all about the program if you want. And I'm also some



00:38:29.700 --> 00:38:42.630

Cody Liskh: Excellent, yeah. So for all of our listeners, it's fast forward 15 UK on Instagram, you're not going to want to miss this surprise from fit so they thank you so much for joining this very special edition video cast



00:38:42.930 --> 00:38:43.320

Fay Sharpe: Session.



00:38:44.220 --> 00:38:49.650

Brooke Gracey: Fee and I really appreciate you stepping in to talk to us about what about vegetables can do during this time and for our listeners.



00:38:49.950 --> 00:38:53.490

Brooke Gracey: Thank you for joining another episode of How great events happen.



00:38:54.360 --> 00:39:00.150

Brooke Gracey: As a reminder, today's recording is a podcast, you can get that at Stephen comm slash podcast.



00:39:00.360 --> 00:39:08.370

Brooke Gracey: It's also a video cast and you don't want to miss the bus one because they shared some really cool stuff on her screen and you can get that on cvent to YouTube.



00:39:08.610 --> 00:39:20.340

Brooke Gracey: And if any of our listeners. If you have tips or tricks on how you're making the most with your virtual events or how you're navigating these days. We'd love to hear from you and we'll see you next week for another great episode.



00:39:21.480 --> 00:39:22.110

Cody Liskh: Thanks. Hey,



00:39:22.260 --> 00:39:24.990

Fay Sharpe: Thanks. Hey, that was okay, or do you