Making the Business Case: Uncovering the True Value of Cvent

People at an event in a room

On-demand Webinar

Technology has transformed the event industry. It’s allowed organizations to plan, manage, and execute more successful meetings and events that drive their businesses forward.

But before you invest in event management technology, you want to understand what your return will be and need the peace of mind knowing that other organizations have successfully used the solution before.

That’s why Cvent commissioned Forrester Consulting, a top research and advisory firm, to conduct a study to uncover the ROI from using the Cvent Event Management Platform.

Join Cvent and guest Forrester in this webinar to learn:

  • The potential ROI of the Cvent Event Management Platform on your organization
  • The expected amount of time it takes to recoup costs from an investment in Cvent
  • The benefits that actual customers identified from using Cvent
  • The insights needed to project your own ROI potential from using the platform

Watch this free webinar to understand the financial impact that Cvent can have on your organization.


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