The Virtual Experience: Humanizing Events in a World Gone Digital

Virtual and Hybrid events are now an essential element of the marketing mix. And like any channel or tactic, success requires us to clearly define our event objectives. Lost in this discussion of objectives is perhaps the most important one - humanizing the virtual experience.

This fireside chat session will explore these key questions: As we're setting objectives for our event, how do we keep the human element at the center? And how do we tap into the potential to make emotional connections with our virtual attendees?

Join Brad Gillespie, VP of Enterprise Solutions at Cvent, and Ajith Krishnankutty, Head of Events & Creative Studio at Capital Group, as they discuss how to humanize events in a world gone digital.

Cvent CONNECT Virtual

Audience: Event Professional
Track: Event Marketing & Strategy
Product: Virtual Attendee Hub


Brad Gillespie

Brad Gillespie
Vice President, Enterprise Solutions

Ajith Krishnankutty

Ajith Krishnankutty
Head of Events & Creative Studio
Capital Group

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