The Cvent Source: Group Business Insights, January 2021 Snapshot

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Start off 2021 with the latest updates on how RFP sourcing volume has been trending through the holidays and into the early weeks of January. Based off our first ‘Cvent Source: Group Business Insights’ webinar of 2021, we’re giving you the data and takeaways you need around when planners are sourcing for this year and beyond, sizes of meetings being sourced right now, and more.

Download your copy today for a quick recap of the latest group business data that will help inform your business decisions as you navigate recovery in the new year. 

Colleagues analyzing data together

In the latest Cvent Source Snapshot, you’ll uncover:

  • Updates on the most recent RFP volume trends
  • ADR analysis by market, chain scale, and more
  • Updated 2021 and 2022 pace figures for key markets
  • ...and more!