The Cvent Source: Group Business Insights, November 2020 Snapshot

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The latest insights on RFP momentum, event timing and size, market dynamics, and more

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How is RFP volume trending this fall, and how many unique planners are currently sourcing? Get answers to questions like these, along with insights on other group business trends we’ve been monitoring since October. Be sure you’re armed with the latest data as you continue to adapt your group business strategy and expectations.

To help you keep on top of the latest insights, The Cvent Source Snapshot offers you the takeaways you need right now as you navigate the group business landscape and continue to adapt your recovery strategy and expectations.

In the latest Cvent Source Snapshot, you’ll uncover insights and expert commentary on: 

  • Monitoring the most recent RFP activity
  • ADR analysis by market, chain scale, and more
  • Updated 2021 and 2022 pace figures for key markets
  • Latest trends on business transient activity