Upgrading Your Events with Onsite Technology

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Upgrading Your Events with Onsite Event Technology

Events are all about creating a flawless experience and giving attendees an opportunity to engage on site. The easiest way to increase engagement and deliver a lasting first impression is to invest in onsite event technology. Facial recognition, badge printing, mobile event apps, and virtual reality are no longer a distant hope, but very real technologies that can be used onsite. Upgrading Your Events with Onsite Event Technology will show you how onsite event technology can increase your event success before, during, and after your event – and help you prove that success with insights. In this eBook, you’ll learn how to:

  • Improve attendee’s first impressions of your event
  • Use mobile event apps to increase engagement
  • Track the attendee digital footprint to improve event ROI
  • Make a business case for onsite event technology