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Please use this page to see if a feature you need is currently available and ultimately, to determine if your survey should be built with the new product or classic Inquisium product.

Last Updated: October 12, 2021

Standard surveys

Feature Basic Event Survey Premium Event Survey Non-Event Survey Notes

Event survey behavior

Link survey with multiple-events     A maximum of 100 hundred events can be linked with the same survey. 
Apply event website theme to survey    
Visibility logic on surveys     Visibility Logic can be applied to general event feedback & session feedback.

General event surveys

Multiple General Surveys      
Award event credits after survey completion      
Survey before, during and after the event      

Stakeholder surveys

Collect feedback from event stakeholders   2022   Requires additional license
Answer summary with details report for stakeholder feedack   2022    

Session surveys

Multiple Session Surveys      
Collect Feedback on Speakers      
Award session credits after survey completion      


Configure pass percentage/score   Q1 2022    
Allow retaking the assessment   Q1 2022    

Event feedback reporting

Event & custom event fields in reports    
Session & custom session fields in reports    
Session Feedback Summary Report     Supports viewing feedback provided for sessions in each event separately.
Session Rating Comparison     Supports viewing ratings provided for sessions across multiple events
Speaker Rating Comparison      
Feedback in Cross Event Report - Answer Details by Invitee      
Feedback Survey Completion Metrics     View survey completion rates & details of attendees who responded to general and session surveys.
Cross Survey Report - Event Rating Comparison   Q4 2021    
Cross Survey Report - Answer Details by Event   Q1 2022    

Survey administration

Questions per Survey 500 500 500  
User role permissions    

Survey list

Survey Search    
Sortable Folders / Views   2022 2022  

Survey actions

Create Event feedack surveys can be created, copied or linked from within the event.
Close and Archive      
Copy Event surveys can be copied while copying the event.
Comments/Review/Approval     2022  
Store as Template User permissions on templates are not supported yet.
Create from Template  

Survey structure

Welcome Page      
Chapter looping     Looping based on custom values & numeric question will not be supported.
Progress bar      
Response Review      
Thank you page  
Multiple Thank you pages      
Redirect to another website from Thank You page  
Identity Confirmation      
Required questions  
Add Multiple Pages    
Text widget  
Image widget  

Question types

Rating (5 choice) (i.e. Interactive Sliding Scale) (Star, Smiley, Bar)  
Marix Rating (Star, Smiley)    
Choice (Single, Multi)  
Choice (image)  
Matrix Single-Select    
Matrix Multi-Select   Answer import for this question type is not supported yet.
Net Promoter    
GDPR: Consent questions      
File Upload   Answer import for this question will not supported.
Matrix Spreadsheet    
Matrix Side-by-Side   Q4 2021 Q4 2021  
Form Question (Formerly referred as Data List)    
Number Allocation   2022 2022  
Rank Order   Answer import for this question type is not supported yet.

Question features

Phone/Email format  
Custom answer formats  
Sub-questions on single choice questions  
Sub-questions on matrix single choice    
Bulk Actions (Copy, Hide, Delete, Move, Update Visibility) 2022 2022 2022  
Convert to sub-question, and back 2022 2022 2022  
3, 5, 7, 10 choices for rating questions    
Choice randomization  
Question randomization 2022 2022 2022  
> 1 Choice columns 2022 2022 2022  
Large choice list handling Q1 2022 Q1 2022 Q1 2022  
Comments on choice questions 2022 2022 2022  
Labels on Text question (e.g. $) 2022 2022 2022  
Question Library 2022 2022 2022  

Dynamic behavior

Skip/Branch Logic    
Visibility Logic (Questions)   Supports criteria based contact, custom contact, respondent fields, & survey questions. 
Visibility Logic (Chapters)   Supports criteria based contact, custom contact, respondent fields, & survey questions. 
Link Logic    
Masking Logic   Q4 2021 Q4 2021  
Pipe Logic This feature is replaced with answer data tags. Answer to one question can be inserted in question text using data tags.


Multi-Language Surveys  
Timed Response     Q1 2022  
Editable response  
Resume partial  
Previous/Cancel Buttons    
Question Numbers     2022  
Transaction/Ticketing surveys      
Anonymous and Known Surveys      
Kiosk mode      
Scoring   Event Surveys: Supported for general event survey & session surveys.

Non-Event Surveys: Supported for questions in chapters that are not looped.
Scores can be applied on single choice, matrix single and rating questions.
Correct answer   Q4 2021 Q4 2021  
Max capacity      
Quotas Retired*** Retired*** Retired***  
Survey close date      
Invitation List close date      
Display cookie banner    


Limit by IP     Retired***  
Password     Retired***  
Verification Process/Captcha     Retired***  
Custom Domain  
Custom URL    


Invitation Lists  
Email editor  
Scheduled send  
Manual send  
One-click feedback (Question in email)      
Data tags (limited set)  
Expiring invitations      
Email to CC fields  
Language-specific survey link  
Import contacts to survey invitation list     Q4 2021  
Invitation forwarding     Retired***  
Reply to Email Address     Retired***  
Custom Mail-Merge Tags     Retired***  
Spam Detector     Retired***  
Automatic Survey Completion Email  


View/search respondents  
View response  
View respondent information  
Clear/delete responses    
Add new response under Respondents page      
Answer Import   Q1 2022  


Standard Reports  
Cross Survey Reports      
Report (Export) Values    
Publish to Portals  
Dashboards     2022  
Presentations     Retired***  
Text Analysis     2022  
Bulk File Download Q1 2022 Q1 2022 Q1 2022  
SPSS Export   2022 2022  
Respnse Details by Respondents     A new report that displays one page per respondent with all their answers will be added.


Event Surveys REST API   The first set of APIs delivered will support retrieving responses.
Standalone Surveys REST API     The first set of APIs will support retrieving responses.
Integration Hub Q4 2021  
Salesforce Connector Retired*** Retired*** Retired*** This functionality will be folded into the Salesforce App.
Salesforce App Q1 2022 Q1 2022 Q1 2022  
Query string parameters    
RefID support    
HTTP POST     Retired***  


SSO Login  
Limit Survey Visibility to Account Users  
Email Alerts      
Copy of response in email alert      
Survey Custom Fields     Q1 2022 Survey views based on custom fields are not supported yet.
Web widgets     Retired***  
Printable surveys     Retired***  
QR Code     Retired***  
Google Analytics     Retired***  
Social Media support     Retired***  
Certificates   Certificate library is not supported yet.
Bridge Links     2H 2021  
Workflows     Retired***  
Question import     Retired***  
Generate sample responses     2022  

***Retired due to low usage

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