August 20, 2019
By Anderson Conte

We could all use a little luck on St. Patrick’s Day. And as event planners, we could use a little extra luck every day. Though we would love to plant you a garden of four-leaf clovers, luck happens when you’re prepared. It’s the only way to create your own luck.

We’ve spoken to our top event and meeting planners and they’ve given us their best advice on what they quadruple check before event day. In order for it to run smoothly, don’t leave your event to luck. Create your own and take control of your event’s success.

Here are 10 hand-picked tips for planners from planners:

  1. Staff agenda – This is a must so you know what kind of staff to have and where they go.
  2. Production schedule – Plan ahead so your speakers and AV producers are on the same page.
  3. Rehearsal Schedule – Practice makes perfect!
  4. Onsite Badge Printing – Never rely on pre-printed badges because you are bound to misspell or misplace. On-demand badge printing is key.
  5. Wi-Fi – This is a must and needs to be tested prior to attendees’ arrival.
  6. Teamwork – Rely heavily on staff to ensure every event run smoothly.
  7. Keeping a Cool Head – When issues arise (and they always do!), deal with them calmly and resolve quickly doesn’t hurt either!
  8. Having an Emergency Plan – Plan B, C, and D are always smart to have (PCMA has a cool template here).
  9. Organized Shipping/Packing Manifest – Starting the conference off knowing that all of your boxes have arrived, what was supposed to be waiting for you IS waiting for you, or at least knowing the status and unpacking boxes that were organized/labeled is very helpful and easy way to avoid chaos.
  10. Banquet Event Order – Don’t leave these until the last minute, especially if they’re special requests (i.e. multiple toasters, hot sauce on the table).

Remember the luckiest event planners always ask for help if they need it, whether that means relying on a knowledgeable staff or event planning software (or both). We hope we can help you create your own luck by incorporating some of the tips above.

And a very special thanks to our Cvent Planner contributors!

Laura Atallah
Rachel Andrews
Kelly Seymour
Caitlyn Gorski

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