September 10, 2018
By Rick Leonard

Room block management is a painful part of the event planning process. It involves tedious back and forth between the planner and hotel venues. Information passed manually is insecure, posing a great deal of information risk. Human error leads to incorrect reservations and annoyed attendees. And planners cannot manage their attrition commitments.

Enter Cvent Passkey

Cvent Passkey helps event organizers manage room blocks by streamlining communications with venues and taking control of the room block management process. It works for a broad range of events, from large and complex conferences to multi-venue citywide events, to small- and medium-sized events.

Automate Room Block Management

Seamless Attendee Registration

Link Passkey’s hotel booking website directly to your event registration site for a seamless attendee experience. You control the hotels and room types that attendees have access to, so that the right attendees book the right rooms.

Customized Group Bookings

Build your Passkey website to mirror the same branding as your event website.  You can make it mobile friendly and clone for future events. You can personalize the site with sponsor information or activities for attendees while at the event. Attendees are empowered to book rooms on their own, with different payment options.

Automated and Secured Room List Process

The registration list lives within a portal that both planners and hotel can access, so there’s no need for back-and-forth communications. The system eliminates the need for manual re-entry of data, and offers a secure credit card process.

Event Tracking Dashboards

The system enables easy updating on reservation changes and real-time tracking of hotel bookings against your block commitments. This ensures you meet your attrition rates and don’t lose money by overcommitting on your room block.

Email Communication with Attendees

Planners can send alerts to remind attendees of the need to book a room. You control the frequency of communication with your attendees so that as your event nears and concise room block management becomes more critical, you ensure attendees are booking their room.

Why Cvent Passkey?

  • Planners can track additional bookings and attrition across multiple hotels, events
  • Own the room block data, reducing need for lengthy hotel communications
  • Greater control over manual errors, room list management and real-time reporting
  • Create and customize booking sites for each event, controlling set-up and inventory
  • Enhanced attendee experience with high-quality venues and empowered booking

Finding Passkey-Enabled Hotels

When choosing your venues and sending RFPs through the Cvent Supplier Network, Passkey-enabled hotels are noted in their profile listing. This is an additional criteria filter that will help you choose the right hotel for your event or meeting.

For more details on Cvent Passkey, watch our Room Block Management Made Easy with Passkey session from Cvent CONNECT.

Rick Leonard

Rick Leonard

A graduate of Dickinson College, Rick is principal at RCL Communications, a content development and communications consultancy based in Westport, CT. He has worked with clients across a wide range of industries during his PR career. When not burning the midnight oil, Rick keeps his FitBit busy by playing tennis, cheering on his Mets, walks with the family border collie and escapes to the Maine coast.

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