September 23, 2019
By Cvent Success Team

Were you able to attend Cvent CONNECT Las Vegas this summer? Did you take one of our Tech Tours? Have you ever been curious about how Cvent uses its own technology onsite at events? Cvent offers one comprehensive platform, comprised of 10 “product lines.”  Take a look at the breakdown of all of the Cvent products we used at Cvent CONNECT and how we used them below: 

First Stop: Community Café – Feedback Surveys 

The Community Café was a concept born directly from the feedback we received using Cvent’s own Feedback Survey tool. Attendees wanted space to meet & network with like-minded planners and hoteliers. The Feedback Survey tool made it possible to enhance the attendee experience for the future.  

The Feedback Survey tool integrates into the Cvent platform and allows you to push surveys to specific registrants, collect data, and pull reports with that data. 

Second Stop: 1:1 Appointments Room – Appointments & Social Tables 

Prior to coming to Las Vegas, attendees can schedule appointments with Cvent representatives and trade show exhibitors using the Appointments solution. At Cvent CONNECT, we have four different appointment types: Trade Show Appointments, Staffing Appointments, Cvent Staff/Attendee Appointments, Miscellaneous Appointments (evening events or rehearsals). Learn more about Appointments.

Due to the space requirements and various furniture pieces, Social Tables was used to diagram and design the floor plan of the 1:1 Appointments Room with real-time collaboration. Social Tables was a Cvent acquisition from 2018 that allows you to streamline event operations and deliver unforgettable experiences. Take a deeper dive into Social Tables

Breakout Room – Session Scanning 

The breakout rooms at Cvent CONNECT utilized Session Scanning through scanning devices. Session Scanning can also be done through a smartphone. In order for session attendance to be tracked, name badges must include a QR code or the badge must include RFID-NFC chips. If an attendee is not registered for a particular session, you will receive alerts to notify you. Devices can even be assigned a specific schedule which rolls-over making it easier for temp staff to use at your events! 

Tech Help Desk – Mobile Event App 

The Tech Help Desk was staffed with Cvent product experts answering questions about the Cvent CONNECT mobile app. These experts troubleshoot any issues that arose and educated attendees on the mobile app features being showcased, like the new Dynamic Event Guide. Check out our latest innovation that delivers event content to attendees in a way that increases engagement and improves user navigation.

Registration – OnArrival 

The first onsite event impression takes place at the registration desk. The iOS and Android OnArrival mobile app is used for check-in and onsite badge printing to ease the check-in process for attendees. The app allows for onsite name/title/company corrections and accounts for GDPR compliance.  

The badges used at CONNECT Las Vegas were full-color PVC badges that printed with three different tracking methods – QR codes, RFID chips, and NFC chips. More to come on these further into this post! Check out the OnArrival offerings.

Trade Show – Appointments, Lead Capture, Exhibitor Portals, Social Tables 

There were over 350 exhibitors at this year’s Cvent CONNECT Trade Show. Social Tables was also used to create this floorplan. Prior to the event, attendees had the opportunity to schedule appointments with Cvent reps and trade show exhibitors using the Appointments tool. There was an Appointments Desk within the Trade Show to assist with any Appointment Schedule Support. Learn more about the Cvent Appointments tool

Lead Capture was also used in the Trade Show to allow exhibitors to capture, qualify, and rate leads more quickly and effectively. We provided LeadCapture for our exhibitors at CONNECT, but customers can also use LeadCapture at all events they attend. We’re able to integrate with most of the major badge scanning providers so you have a consistent solution that integrates with your databases. All leads can then be exported from the Exhibitor Portal. Learn more about LeadCapture.

Innovation PavillionRFID tracking & Attendee Tracking Reporting 

When walking into the Innovation Pavillion, attendee whereabouts were tracked using technology. In the entryway, unobtrusive equipment and technology was used to passively and actively track proximity and duration of each attendee through RFID and NFC technology. Throughout additional entryways, hallways, and booths, readers and trusses were utilized for this kind of tracking. Each attendee is tracked using custom badge chips. This solution provides real-time information and allows post-event reports to help advanced planners assess overall engagement of their event. Learn more about RFID tracking. 

Within the Innovation Pavillion, attendees were able to visit the OSS Control Center. The Control Center is set up to show the monitor in tools, reports, and maps used to deploy technology onsite at events. The Control Center was displaying real-time RFID Monitor pages, the Sessions Overview Report, and Event Insights. These tools were used by the OSS team to ensure the equipment was reporting as expected. 

Over 500 Cventers attend Cvent CONNECT Las Vegas to support logistics, technology, staffing, and appointments. This was the third year that Tech Tours were offered at Cvent CONNECT. Cvent CONNECT 2020 will be held June 15th – 18th at Caesars Forum, Las Vegas. Pre-register today and join a Tech Tour in 2020! 


Kerry Finley, Cvent

This post was written by Cvent Assistant Team Lead, Kerry Finley. Kerry is a James Madison University alum from Northern Virginia. She enjoys going to the beach, breweries, and cheering on the DC sports teams.

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