August 20, 2019
By Tristen Asrejadid

For those unfamiliar with the Quarterly Product Update (QPU), Cvent hosts a webinar once per quarter to deliver the latest product updates and enhancements. This is your chance to hear directly from our Product Managers themselves and ask your questions.

For those who joined us in mid-May for our Q1 2019 updates, thanks for attending! We hope you found the presented content valuable and left with a clear understanding of Cvent product development. Our Q2 QPU will be held in mid-August, so be on the lookout for that invite.

Couldn't make it, need to share with a colleague, or just want to watch again? You can find the on-demand link here, which has been chapterized for you to easily jump between the product update portions you care about.

You asked your questions, and we have your answers. Below you will find the full Q&A from this past webinar, broken down by product.

Event Management

  1. Q: Any update on when Contact Snapshot will be released in Flex?

  2. Q: Are custom fonts available for creating badges & certificates?
    • A: They are not currently. We're considering this but needs additional research.
  3. Q: Will the Video widget be sizeable? Right now, the widget is only available in one size.
    • A: We are looking to add this functionality in a later phase.

Onsite Solutions

  1. Q: What features do NOT yet work with the Android version of OnArrival?

    • A: There are several including new registration, check-in questions, payments, signature collection, terms & conditions, photo collection, and check-out mode. Reference this article from our Support Community that contains the full list of features.
  2. Q: Why does the Android app say "OnArrival (Unreleased)" in the Google Play store?
    • A: The app is still considered a public beta right now because we aren't at full feature parity with iOS OnArrival.
  3. Q: Are OnArrival Terms & Conditions available at the Registration Type or Admission Item level, or only Event?
    • A: Only at the Event level right now. We will evaluate the initial launch and may add support for sessions and/or registration types.
  4. Q: What is the web address for the online store to rent the Event in a Box Lite?
  5. Q: In LeadCapture, are we able to add a bolt on so that we can capture pictures of business cards? If yes, will the technology pull through the data on the cards?
    • A: We support business card scanning as an additional service. The lead data is manually processed by human teams to pull selected fields off the cards.


  1. Q: Is the plan to completely replace the existing app home screen with the New Attendee Experience?

    • A: There are no plans to sunset the Navigation Icons home screen in the near future. That said, we will be focusing on future development on the Dynamic Event Guide home screen layout.
  2. Q: Is there an additional cost for CrowdCompass?
    • A: Yes - reach out to your Account Manager for pricing information
  3. Q: Can you batch upload attendee images to CrowdCompass?
    • A: This is currently available via our Partner API or our support team can assist with this. However, we know this is a common request, so we're actively researching possible solutions to make this easier for all customers.
  4. Q: Is the app a multi-event app so attendees only need to keep one app from year to year?
    • A: Yes. Each organization typically has its own app and all events they put on are in the same app.
  5. Q: Will you have the ability to save an attendee picture to a media library so you don't have to upload the same photo event by event?
    • A: This is one of the possible solutions to make it easier to bulk upload images that we're researching.
  6. Q: For the attendee inactivity log out with the app, does that mean after (max) 30 days you will be logged out of an app automatically if you have not tapped into that window?
    • A: The inactivity logout feature is optional and yes, if you have set the 30-day max, attendees will be logged out after 30 days if they have not opened the app within that time frame.

Tristen Asrejadid

Tristen is an Assistant Team Lead on the Product Marketing team and also started her journey in the Cvent Client Success department over four years ago. She is a Virginia Tech alum originally from northern New Jersey.

When not in the office, you can find her training for her next half marathon, puzzling, or hopping on a plane to her next travel destination

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