Find and manage venue space for any event type

No two events are the same. From the largest conference to an intimate VIP experience, we offer venue sourcing and diagramming options to create the perfect space.

Accelerate your venue search

Finding that perfect venue takes time. Quickly identify the ones that best fit your needs and get their availability.

Tap into data and insights

Compare venue details and proposals with customized reports. Get complete visibility into venue dates to make smarter decisions.

Put together a safe space

Lay out your space based on distancing requirements and do a virtual walkthrough that showcases the safe space.

A perfect match awaits

We provide tools to simplify the venue sourcing and space planning process.

Think big

Cvent Supplier NetworkTM connects you with over 280,000 venues worldwide. Find the one that most closely matches your needs for your in-person or hybrid events: From your largest, most complex events to your simple training programs and dinners.

Find venues

Connect with more than 260,000 venues worldwide - free of charge

Craft more efficient RFPs

Need to compare multiple venues for your annual conference? Issue a single RFP to generate multiple bids, instead of creating RFPs manually. Easily compare bids for faster delivery and quicker responses.

Easily create RFPs

Easily create a single RFP to generate multiple bids

Book safe event experiences

Search the world’s largest database of hospitality health and safety information. Help ensure attendee safety during your venue search.

Source safely

Simple booking for smaller event venues for a unique experience

Create a safe space for attendees

Our venue diagramming technology helps you create a floorplan with your safety requirements top of mind. You can easily comment and share a virtual walkthrough of the event. Market your event as safe to attendees with accurate floorplans.

Create safer events

Find and book venues for all events small and large

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Get access to 10+ on-demand sessions from the Cvent Travel Summit to learn about sustainability, DE&I and how you can source, benchmark and audit hotels efficiently. Available on-demand for free until June 24.

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