Passkey for hotels

Cvent Passkey

Streamlined Room Block Management and Upsell

Cvent Passkey helps hotels, DMOs, and venues streamline and automate meeting and event bookings to create memorable guest experiences and satisfy planners. It delivers unique upsell opportunities for group guests, and allows for greater incremental revenue at a high volume. Provide planners a tool that lets them manage, measure, and drive satisfaction while you improve RevPAR.


Cvent Lead Scoring

Automated Lead Prioritization

The Cvent Lead Scoring suite automatically qualifies group business leads so you can focus on closing the deals that have the greatest impact on the bottom line. Lead Scoring products leverage scoring algorithms that account for a lead’s size, profit, and fit within your availability, while also showing the planner’s qualifications. Take the guesswork out of sorting through high volumes of leads so you can focus on selling leads that maximize profitability.


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Cvent Business Transient

Create, Manage, and Measure Corporate Travel Business

Cvent Business Transient solutions simplify how hotels manage transient business leads. Streamlined corporate travel management satisfies clients and travel buyers by reducing the time it takes for hotel chains and properties to respond to and manage high-value corporate RFPs. Cvent Business Transient also streamlines transient demand management with standardized RFP responses with fixed, corporate negotiated rates in hotel central reservation systems.


SpeedRFP White Label

Streamlined RFP Workflow from Your Branded Website

SpeedRFP by Cvent increases the quantity and quality of group inbound leads from a hotel’s branded website. The dynamic, mobile-friendly eRFP form simplifies the request process for planners while streamlining conversions for hoteliers. Integration with sales and catering systems ensures smooth implementation, and a centralized lead portal lets venues respond from one account and access real-time reporting.


Demand Management Tools

Demand Management Tools

Routing and Escalation Rules, Proposal Defaults and Templates

Cvent Hospitality Cloud offers a variety of Demand Management tools to streamline processes and facilitate sales follow up on inbound Group and Transient leads.

  • Routing and escalation rules ensure appropriate stakeholders receive RFPs and trigger notifications for RFPs that meet certain criteria.
  • Custom RFP views create personalized views of incoming RFPs for each sales representative.
  • Proposal defaults create standardized responses to RFP questions.
  • RFP Labels use colors and filters to mark RFPs based on specific criteria.
  • Custom Proposal Template customize your proposal with your brand logo and color palette.

Learn how Demand Management Feature Bundles help you respond to RFPs and win more group business.


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