December 11, 2020
By Cvent Guest

Ho-ho-ho...we bring you two new Conference features and release highlights from the past year:


Single-click Session Enrollment via Email

Planners and Session Managers now have the ability to offer streamlined session enrollment by emailing an RSVP link to event attendees.

  • When to use:  Email Session Enrollment can be used whenever you’re looking to drive session enrollment. Whether you’re encouraging attendance for under-enrolled sessions or need to strictly control access to a special event, Email Session Enrollment allows you to target your audience and streamline your attendee’s enrollment.
  • Who would use:  Content Managers, Session Track Owners, Event Marketers, Group Registration Managers, and more!

Attendee-to-Attendee (A2A) Package Transfers

With A2A package transfers enabled for your event, conference attendees can manage package transfers to other attendees via a freshly redesigned interface

  • When to use:  Enable this feature to reduce load on your call centers and empower attendees to transfer their registration package to another attendee if they’re unable to attend the event. If the attendee is part of a group and they don’t own their registration package, Group Registration Managers can easily transfer a group member’s package to another recipient, if the original is unable to attend.
  • Who would use:  Attendees, Registration Managers, Event Support, and Group Registration Managers



Your Cvent-Conference team took full advantage of 2020 to ensure we’re ready to support your hybrid and in-person events next year.


It's not as long as Santa's nice list but here are the 2020 Conference product release highlights:

Next Gen Connect

  • Session Files
  • Exhibitor Files
  • Exhibitor sponsored sessions
  • Direct link to catalog items
  • Desktop view

Exhibitor Management:

  • Confirmation email send config
  • Add check, wire transfer and cost center payment types
  • Custom fields on file upload task
  • Update manage participants UX
  • Invoice template updates
  • Remove primary contact step
  • New email keywords

Authenticated badges

Standardized fields

New Reports:

  • Check-in info v2
  • Payment transactions by date
  • Pace report v1
  • Global payment transactions update
  • Attendee info by event v2
  • Current invoice summary
  • Hotel bookings by hotel
  • Hotel bookings by sub-block
  • Exhibitor global payment transactions
  • Master Call for Papers report
  • Master registration report

Ad hoc Reports:

  • XLSX export
  • Pagination and sorting on all ad hoc reports
  • Report on timestamp for flags


  • Block nominee submission
  • Decline status
  • Nominee import
  • Nominator & Approver UI v2
  • Resend approval emails
  • Edit nominee profiles
  • Allocation report v2
  • Improved cancellation workflows

API: Exhibitor file status

One China update

My Portal widgets

CFP: Limit combined roles

API: Featured session support

API: Badge ID info

New maintenance page

Add Media tab

NFC support for iOS

Session groups

Auto-enrollment session capacity

Configurable page footers

Salesforce integration updates

Session seat assignments v2

We sincerely thank you for partnership and look forward to a great new year!


You can also revisit any of the release details from our various past 2020 blog posts:

For questions, more roadmap details, or product demos contact Nick Hancock, Product Manager at [email protected]; or Joe Meehan, Client Delivery Director at [email protected].




 This post was authored Nick Hancock, Product Manager for Cvent Conference. When he isn’t at work you can find him riding trails on his mountain bike, golfing, or thinking about how to make event planner’s lives easier. 


Cvent Guest

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