Moving your registration online saves you time and money over manual processes and makes registration easier for your attendees. Cvent's solutions put the easiest, most secure and most robust online registration features at your fingertips.

Why offer online registration for your attendees?

  • It is convenient for attendees to register, and communicate with them using email and online marketing techniques – opening the door to increased attendance at your meetings, events, conferences, and conventions.
  • You'll save time and money – the time typically reserved for time processing registrations manually, and money on printing and postage for invitations.
  • Online registration software eliminates menial and unnecessary data entry
  • Online registrations free up invaluable time for you and your staff to spend on more important, strategic elements of your events.
  • Using online registration software shows invitees your events are professional and your organization is up-to-date with technology, giving you a better sense of credibility and reputability.