As a global group representation firm with over 30 offices, Luxpitality focuses on developing the international hospitality market for a variety of clients. Their many responsibilities required a system that could deliver their message to anyone, anywhere. With help from the Cvent Supplier Network (CSN), they were able to strengthen their brand’s voice and provide hoteliers and planners with all the information they needed to make better marketing decisions.


Global Sales Offices


International Brand Ambassadors

The Issue

Luxpitality provides group representation to hotels and event planners all around the world. It’s their job to help clients find and maintain international business: a task that’s is easier said than done. Through their original sourcing process, the Luxpitality team used only phone calls and email to develop relationships with their clients. Even though they were able to connect with new clients, they lacked brand recognition and a clear voice throughout the organization to bring home their message.

Patrick Burkhardt, President and National Sales Contact (NSO) for Luxpitality clients within the Cvent system, saw the importance of streamlining the company’s outreach and communication. He noticed that emails being sent from one country had different requirements, terminology, and even language barriers from another. He went on to explain, "Things were getting lost in translation. We needed an international solution to deliver our leads and sourcing hotels with continuity." Many of the Luxpitality clients already used the CSN, and they didn’t find the value in using Burkhardt’s team in the process. In response, Luxpitality positioned themselves as an affiliate, connecting clients with an NSO directly through the network to be alerted about new opportunities and completing the circle of communication.

"It was really nice that we can see things coming on the horizon. As we think we’ve nailed down Cvent, there’s something new that they’re offering, and it makes me more excited to use the portal."

Why Venue Sourcing?

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After years of working with Cvent on the hotel side, Burkhardt and his business partner, Eric Otto, tried to create their own booking engine for their clients. They soon discovered the difficulty in presenting the data clearly across the world. Cvent helped them simplify that process, “Cvent is literally the Google of the hotel world. Anything that you need, any information, any hotel in the entire world, with the exception of the brand new ones that are just coming on board, everything is there. You’ve got so many resources to use that all you have to do is flip a switch and it’s turned on. The integration literally could happen overnight,” Burkhardt raves. He knew that it would be “a consistent way to source all of our leads and track our data. The hotels are all familiar with it, even in other countries, and I know that Cvent is doing a massive outreach to support developing markets.”

With the help of Cvent’s sourcing tool, Luxpitality also tracked their brand and monitored the team’s process to ensure efficiency across the board. They implemented the sourcing technology with their current clients to try it out, and soon added more and more to their inventory. “The evolution of our partnership has really taken off, and we’ve morphed into that affiliate role,” says Burkhardt.

Favorite Features

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The Luxpitality team loves tools that help them provide top-notch service to all their international and domestic clients. The ability to customize questions, send an RFP quickly and easily, and access custom reporting were some improvements that the team now uses regularly. Many of their clients check production levels, lead origins, and other information that allows them to drive more business and tailor their marketing and sales strategy for earning group business.

The map feature was another favorite for the team: “We aren’t always familiar with other countries, so having the map is a big thing for us.” They can look at properties in a specific area and choose the perfect venue based on customers’ requests.

"We want to make sure our clients see us as Luxpitality the brand, and we’re excited to see that consistency evolve through Cvent."

About Luxpitality

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Luxpitality partners and represents 4- and 5-star hotels around the world and focuses on driving international group business to expand the market. They serve about 3-5 hotels per city in the US, which feature unique offerings international visitors are looking for. Their 30 global sales offices and over 50 brand ambassadors position the organization as an expert in international hotel marketing.

As a strategic partner, they act as an extension of the hotel sales team in order to develop relationships and become better ambassadors for their clients. They also work with meeting and event planners to help them find the perfect venue for every meeting or incentive trip, no matter the location or requirements.


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Using the Cvent Supplier Network, Burkhardt and his team were able to take local and international hotel information and upload it onto their website, creating their own customizable search function. “Having all of that data from Cvent to input into our website allowed our customers to easily search anything,” Burkhardt notes. “We have all the information, and we can repurpose it, which makes the hotel’s life easy and gets them to market a lot quicker.”

Their new ability to send direct corporate group leads to unfamiliar hotels took their sourcing approach to a whole new level. They could use CSN to provide new contacts with easy-to-digest information, which kick started their initial conversation. According to Burkhardt, “It really has made our lives easier, and it allows me to focus on a lot more knowing that the back end of our business is 100% supported.” His whole team appreciates the streamlined process for pulling reports and communicating with clients and each other, especially because they’re always traveling. “To know that I can do that seamlessly makes me feel very confident about what I do,” he adds.

The Future

Luxpitality has been mastering Cvent’s reporting tools, which they’ve used for leveraging new relationships and delivering key data to current clients. As they get more familiar with the technology and how it can integrate with their service, Luxpitality continues to find more ways to help their clients source venues and drive international group business. They’ve even partnered with Cvent to create an onboarding webinar for new Brand Ambassadors, ensuring team members share common goals and innovative strategies. Burkhardt concludes, “We want continue to grow as we get bigger. Customers are going to know us as luxury, forward-thinking, innovative, and fresh, and we want to be able to have our systems speak the same language. We want to move in tandem as we grow together.” And Cvent will be there every step of the way.