September 05, 2019
By Madison Layman

Adam Parry joins Brooke and Cody to discuss how to use a company podcast to drive interest (and registration) to your events and how to integrate a podcast into the live event. Discover how a podcast can broaden the reach of your event. Adam Parry is the mind behind the Event Industry News Podcast.

Listen to the podcast.

What to Listen for: 

  • A way to make the most of dead time
  • There are 700,000 active podcasts in iTunes
  • Almost no friction: no fight for space, no tricky algorithms
  • You have a hostage pool of speakers to pull from
  • All the ingredients are there to do it live: Speaker, audience, questions
  • Podcasting live can help build an audience
  • Remember - as event planners we produce more content than anyone can digest
  • Tools of the trade
  • Consistency is key. Just keep podcasting.
  • Better equipment does not equal better podcast


Check out the podcast!


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