November 22, 2019
By John Hunter

Event personalization has been trending for years - but having its “moment” right now. As an meetings and events professional, you need to find out if you’re hip to the trend or you’re lagging behind your peers and falling back into the pack of the dreaded also-rans.

Luckily, we have a quick and painless way for you to do a quick evaluation—it’ll only take about two minutes of your time.

After you’re done, you’ll see:

  • If you’re creating events that bring value to every attendee.
  • How event technology is making more personalization possible.
  • What next level customization really looks like.

Take the Quiz Now.

John Hunter

John Hunter

John is the Manager of Event Cloud Content Marketing at Cvent. He has extensive copywriting experience across a diverse set of industries, including broadcast television, retail advertising, associations, higher education, and corporate PR.

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