August 20, 2019
By Emily Vera

The hashtag. Once the pound sign on your phone, it is now an integral part of social media and the way we communicate with each other online. While #selfie and #YOLO have given the hashtag a juvenile reputation, professionals and businesses need to know how hashtags work and how crucial they are to the meeting and event experience.

So what is a hashtag? It is a keyword, acronym, or tagline made up of letters and numbers with no spaces that begins with the pound sign “#”. Hashtags are simple, yet powerful. When used on most social media networks, they become hyperlinked and searchable. This aggregates all other content that includes that hashtag and makes it very easy for users to organize and track relevant discussions. With over 500 million tweets and over 80 million Instagram photos posted daily, hashtags can really make a difference in helping your content stand out from the rest of social media.

And you do want your event content to stand out, right?

Social media and events are all about having conversations and connecting with others. This is why most events have an official hashtag. In our case, #CventCONNECT is the event hashtag for our annual Cvent CONNECT conference.

Which if you haven’t registered for Cvent CONNECT yet, do it NOW so you don’t miss out on a week of inspired learning and networking with close to 3,000 of your peers, partners, and Cvent experts!  

But you can’t just stop once you’ve created an event hashtag, since 65% of respondents to the Event Benchmarks Study said they encourage attendees to post event-related content on social media by using the event hashtag. This means your event hashtag is a key component of your event marketing strategy and will play a huge part in the telling of your event story.

And you want your attendees to be a part of your event story, right?

Twitter is by far the best tool for communicating at events. The real-time nature of this social media platform plays perfectly with events, allowing attendees to post photos, videos, and messages as your event story unfolds. Twitter is a public social media platform, so even if you don’t have an account, you can still click on the event hashtag and see all the activity around the event. Whether attendees are tweeting questions at a speaker or snapping photos of the slides in an educational session, Twitter is a fantastic way to view a user-generated story about your event.

Now we invite you to be a part of the #CventCONNECT story!

Make the most of your Cvent CONNECT event experience by joining the conversation around the event on social media. Want to suggest a keynote speaker or night out entertainment? Tweet about it. Curious if other event professionals are attending? Tweet them and ask. But don’t stop there! Continue to shape and add value to the Cvent CONNECT conversation while you’re onsite. Quote speakers, share your thoughts on sessions, and take photos to show your followers (and the whole world) the VIP Las Vegas experience you are having at Cvent CONNECT!

We hope online and onsite you’ll be a part of telling the Cvent CONNECT event experience and story!

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