August 20, 2019
By Hannah Burks

In our new series of on-demand videos, you’ll find quick overviews of some of our newest and most successful software solutions. Learn more about tools you’re already using, or discover supplemental strategies for better group business practices. The videos are suitable for DMOs, individual properties, large chains, and more, and they show exactly how Cvent’s Hospitality Cloud supports the entire meeting and event lifecycle. From planner insights to data-driven results, these digestible videos move easily from hotel demand generation to property-specific analytics and feedback.

Real screen captures show how easy it is to adopt a solution that’s designed to help your hotel, venue, or DMO succeed. Hotel professionals can filter results by Creating Demand, Managing Demand, or Measuring Performance to find the exact video they're looking for.

Here are the videos available now:

  • Tailor Your Strategic Branding with Diamond Ads (38 sec)
  • Target Planners in Your Competitive Markets (29 sec)
  • Win More Group Business with Competitive Group Data (48 sec)
  • Sort and Prioritize Leads with Hotel Fit Score (51 sec)
  • Reach Qualified Planners Across the Web with Video Retargeting (39 sec)
  • Compare Market-Level Data with Group Trends (35 sec)

Take a few minutes to watch one, two, or all of the videos for a better understanding of how Cvent’s Hospitality Cloud can benefit your organization or property. You’ll find tactics for strategic sales and marketing plans, and you’ll get the boost you need to start thinking about how your hotel manages and attracts group business leads now and in the future. Stay tuned for more videos -- we’ll be uploading more in the months to come.

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